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January 2016- New year


Ruben has had a really nice Christmas and new year break and is reluctant to go back to school, but he knows once he gets back into the routine it will get easier! We had a good chat about opportunities this year that Ruben may be able to access. Ruben is now 8 so this will mean that he will be able to apply to go on residential. We talked about this at length and Ruben was very excited that he would get the chance to experience these and was eager to apply to both Sense and Action for blind. This is something that will be explored.


Hospital appointment -


Ruben had an appointment at the children's hospital with Dr Parulekar and we all made a decision that he would now see Ruben in school as he visits the school to see other children, this would be easier option all round as it seemed pointless to keep attending hospital appointments when all it was doing was taking up time and causing anxiety, Ruben was happy with this arrangement. Should we ever need to be seen again this would not be a problem and we just get in touch, but I think after all these years of running back and forth to hospitals and Ruben having his eyes investigated we are now in a place to give it all a break as we are no further forward with any future developments and should there be we will be informed.


Peter pan – trip to the theatre with sense GOT group.


Ruben went to Coventry theatre with his Dad to see peter pan and have a tour around the theatre to get hands on experience of the actors and props. This play was audio described and Ruben had a good afternoon.


Action for blind- parents meeting


This is an opportunity to find out what is up and coming events and to network and share experiences with other parents. Today we had a speaker in talking about the EHCP which are replacing statements

I was also given an application for residential trip which I am hoping that I can get Ruben on to :)



February- Activities


Application form sent off for action for blind residential. Additional to this we have been sent an application form for Sense Short breaks, which we will also be applying for, Ruben is very excited!! fingers crossed

he gets accepted for one. Through the school holidays Ruben attended a few sessions with Action for blind one was a cooking session which Ruben enjoyed and the other was a trip to the cinema which went well.



March – Ruben stars in Chat magazine


Following all the media attention we were asked to do interview with chat magazine of which any proceeds would be put towards future sessions of echo location with Daniel Kish. The interview was around our experiences of finding out about Rubens condition and how we have moved on and found ways to better Rubens life.


Ruben was accepted on to both Action for blind and Sense short breaks he is very excited and looking forward to attending both.


April – Easter holidays caravan stay in Devon cliffs


We decided to take a short break away to Devon cliffs for the Easter holidays. Theo his friend Ben and Mom & Ruben. Unfortunately the day before we were due to travel Ruben go very poorly with a virus, having been to the GP we were advised to seek walk in centres should Ruben get any worse. Wer decided to carry on with our break away and Ruben had good days and bad days. On good days we made the most of it and spent time on the beach which was lovely as we were very lucky to have fine weather. We went looking around the rocks for crabs and managed to fill a bucket full of them, w even found jelly fish. Theo and Ben had fun playing football ! We also went swimming, went to the club in the evening, visited the arcades and went out for meals. The caravan was very spacious and Ruben enjoyed himself regardless of feeling poorly . Overall we all had a lovely break and decided to re book to return next year 2017 so Ruben can have a better experience. We are all very much looking forward to this.


May- Ruben goes on his first residential with Sense to Standon Bowers

Ruben was very excited leading up to his first residental and very much looking forward to his first time away from home. Ruben had packed his suitcase a week before ! and was on count down each day. I asked Ruben if how he was feeling about going away without his family and he was straight to the point as always saying 'i can not wait to have time away and im looking forward to being independent and meet ne freinds. Ruben was not nervous or worried at all and was more than ready to experience time away on his own. The day had arrived and we had to go to the meeting point where we would be met by the leaders and a coach to take us to the residnetial home in stafford. All went to plan and when we arrived Ruben was allocated his own room, which in no time he had mapped the room out and un packed his belongings. Ruben had two volunteers supporting him and was given a breakdown of the weeks activites. Ruben was very keen to get me back on the coach so he could get on and experience his first stay away. Over the following days i had recieved text messages to inform  that Ruben was happy and settled and was very busy enjoying himself! Although the time passed by quickly the house was very quiet and it was strange not having Ruben around, but on arrival to collect Ruben he gave me the best cuddle i had ever recieved and i told him how much i ahd missed him to his reply' i havent missed anyone as ive been too busy enjoying myself! this was something i never thought i would hear but was very reasuring and a moment where i could see that Ruben was growing up and maturing into an independent little boy. Ruben was excited to tell me all about the activites and the freinds that he had met and was very much looking forward to the next residential trip away :)


Ruben is getting on really well at school and is enjoying the fact he can bring his braille note home which he can do his home work on. Ruben is very good at just getting on with his homework and is very keen to get it done as soon as possible so that he can use his weekends to do what he wants to do.

Ruben attended Walsall pursuits with Action for Blind and had a great day outdoors doing all the activities that he enjoys the most, high ropes, zip wires across the rivers which for most would be very scary but these are the type of activtes that Ruben gets th most out of, he certainly is a dare devil !!

July - fundraising ideas for echo location with Daniel Kish

We have been meeting up with friends and trying to brain storm ideas for way,s in which we can try and raise funds to try and build on Rubens funds for a trip to USA to work woth Daniel Kish on echo location. We have had a very positve start to Rubens go fund me page which we were very gratreful and wanted to try and continue to reach our target, we were informed by Becky that Northfield Partnership community center were keen to support this cause for Ruben and said they were going to dedicate the main day saturday to Ruben. We were delighted and very happy that we would be able to raise awareness in our local community and we were asked to be part of the beach so that we could raise awareness of echo location and to give  people an insight to sight loss. Over the following weeks me and few freinds put together some activites that we could do at the beach which would also go with the theme off being on a beach.

August- The Beach fundraiser for Ruben

Finally the day had arrived and we had put together some activites which was : blind football blind floded and using a bell ball to score goal, sensory feely boxes trying to find items and guess what  the items were which were all things that are found or associated with beach days,   finding at least 10 pebbles out of rice box with in a minute to win prizes, learning how to write your name in braille using a perkins braille machine, raisning awareness of echo location. We set up tables and had a Gazebo as thee weather was very hot, we had so much fun and so many peolpe was very keen to try out our activites and every body gave really positive feedback and enjoyed themselves. Little Richie was hosting and Johhny to bad were the tribute band  and both were absoluteley fantastic and Ruben was happy to get up on stage and explain how echo location helps him navigate around usiing sound and explain how it works, that was a very proud moment.  We was very grateful to becky and all at Northfield partnership for letting us be part of this day  and very grateful to our friends Anji and Pete, Diane and Pat and Julie, Lenny and Marcus who helped out with our activites and a massive thank you to all that donated to support Ruben with future sessions of Echo location.

August- Residential with Action for Blind at the Frank Chapman Center & Macaronni woods

Ruben was very excited to be going on this reseidntial with Sense, Again his bags were packed week before and the count down began!  The day arrived and we met the coach at the pick up point, whereby Ruben was met by the holiady leader and other holiday makers, exitedely Ruben got himself settled on the coach and chatted away with the others whom were very excited. On arriva Ruben was taken tohis room whereby he familiaresd himself with and unpacked his bags. Within no time Ruben was asking me to get bakon the coach so that he could get on with his holiday!  Ruben was clearly happy and very excited for the week ahead of him. The leader kept in contact and Ruben was having a great time, was sleeping well, eatimg well and enjoying all the activites. On return Ruben was full of sories about all the adventures and activites that he had been doing, which included high roes, climbing, swimming, caving, BBQ, singing, talent shows, bushcraft, canoeing ! Ruben had a diary which ha bought home to show friends and family and overall a lot of memeorable enjpyabe memories.


September-Back to school

Ruben had a very busy and enjoyable break with lots of acitvities and days out which he very much enjoyed, Ruben was happy to return back to school and get back in to his routine. As always it is hard to get back into the early mornings and long days but afetra few weeks Ruben settled back into his routine. All going well in school :)

October- Holiday Lanzorate (Ruben, Mom and Diane)

We decided and were fortunate to get a last minute deal to a weeks holday in Lanzorate. We arrived at our hotel which had a very unusual and funny name, Diverhotel which we all had a laugh and Ruben decided that we would name it the divvy hotel! so Ruben comically reminded us that we were all divs staying in this Divvy hotel! The hotel was quite nice but quite a distance to the main shopping complex and beach, however we managed to find short cuts to walk to the main center. We did not stay around the hotel much as we wanted to explore the island and Ruben was not overly impressed by the foods. We met some new and old friends out there- Wendy & Paul whom i had known for over 20 years were out there with their boys Charlie and Ted. Ruben and Charlie played really nice together on the beach and we met up several times and had fun! We also met a lovely family from Yorkshire Darren & Corrina  with their lovely two Daughters. Apart from spending lazy days on the beach we also had some adventures and day trips out. We hired a bike that was able to carry the three of us which meant two of us had to peddle whilst one sat and enjoyed the ride, and guess who that was.. yes Ruben!! we also had a day out on a boat which went to on island where we was able to go on kayaks which Diane took Ruben out on and they done really well :) Ruben also got to meet the Captain Oscar who spoke only spanish but understood a little english, he was a very nice man who let Ruben steer the boat and ring the bells! We also had a day out on the bus to the town Puerto De carmen which we went around the shops and resturants where we had a nice feast before returning home. Overall we had a great  break away and would recomend Lanzorate.

November- Rubens 9th Birthday celerbration at the clifden Hotel in Teignmouth

Rubens only birthday wish was to return to the Clifden hotel as this was a memory from when Ruben was two and four when he visited with his family to meet up with NBCS now knlown as blind Children UK. We drove down on the Friday and stayed until the Sunday. Ruben enjoyed exploring the environment with a particular interest in  the lift which is one of Rubens facinations. We enjoyed our meal times and time in the days exploring around Teignmouth town center. On return Rubens Birthday was on the Tuesday where he went to School and onthe evening went out to his favourite indian restuarant Thania Spice where he enjoyed his chicken tikka Passanda! Ruben had some lovely gifts including a talking mobile and some Audio books and clothing and money, overall Ruben had a great Birthday.

December - Rubens 9th Christmas Celerbrations

This was the year that Ruben no longer believed in Santa and the Elfs :( however Ruben was still feeling the festive spirit and was happy to help Mom decorate the house and the Christmas Tree,s. On Chritsmas Day Nan & Grandad Graham came over to join us for Christmas Dinner and we enjoyed our feast and spending nice quality time together. Grandad Graham helped set up Rubens Huffer and Nanny and Mom took Ruben out for a spin on it before retiring to bed..

December - New Years Eve- Theo's 15th Birthday Celerbrations

Again as always we were joined by friends and family to bring in the new Year and celerbrate Theo's 15th Birthday.